The ‘Journey’

Remember when we started this,
feelings of joy and hope
we never dreamt what was ahead
and with what we would have to cope

Months went by and still no news
doctors told us to relax
eventually thoughts turned to IVF
we were presented with the facts

Days became filled with needles and scans
and again the hope returned
this was short-lived and the tears we cried
they fell, they stung, they burned

We sat on the sidelines as friends rejoiced
our own lives put on hold
more IVF, more needles, more scans
and more bad news we were told

We picked ourselves up and went to work
we’d sometimes forget all the pain
but it would always be there at the back of our minds
like a little dark cloud full of rain

There are positives to every tale
and for us that’s you and me
we couldn’t imagine when saying our vows
how strong we both could be

Years have gone by with sadly no news
yet still we dare to hope
that one day this ‘journey’ will be over
and with little footsteps we will have to cope

However we will get there
whatever the outcome may be
we stand together, forever as one
united you and me.








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