Fertility Week 2 Nov – 5 Nov 2020

National Fertility Awareness Week is here!  

The main focus of this week is to spread awareness of fertility issues to a wider audience. It is time to put a media spotlight on infertility. It is a real issue that 1 in 6 couples in the UK face.

 Monday 2nd November #FertilityInequalities

To kick-start this important week we will launch our campaign for fair access to fertility treatment for all.  We want to see fair and equitable access to NHS fertility treatment regardless of where you live, your race or your sexuality. We will highlight the unacceptable rationing of treatment throughout the UK, the difference in provision between each of the four nations and the postcode lottery in England. We will raise awareness of inequalities in access based on ethnicity and sexuality, of the differences in outcomes for some ethnic groups, and call for fairness for everyone who needs treatment.

Tuesday 3rd November #MentalHealthMatters 

Infertility is not only about physical health, but can take a toll on mental health too. The impact of COVID-19 with clinic closures and reduced capacity on reopening has increased distress for many patients, making our #MentalHealthMatters day more important than ever. We will share testimonials from our community as well as tips from mental health experts about how best to look after yourself. This day is about raising awareness of fertility and mental health and will offer solutions to help fertility patients navigate this challenging journey.    

Wednesday 4th November #MenMatter

Men are half the fertility equation but their voices are not always heard. Men can find it harder to express their feelings, and during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, men reported feeling forgotten and overlooked. During our #MenMatter day, we will spotlight men’s voices with testimonials from our male community and experts in the field. We will highlight the need for more tailored support and advice for men, and publicise some of Fertility Network UK’s new initiatives aimed specifically at our male community. 

Thursday 5th November #FertilityEducation #FertilityInTheWorkplace 

Our Fertility Education day will explain why our society needs to be more informed and educated about fertility. We will ask why young people are still not aware of the lifestyle factors that could affect their fertility. We will share the results from our own Fertility Education project #FutureFertility, which is funded by the Scottish Government and will also introduce our new project in Wales. 

 We will highlight the need for more education for all, including healthcare professionals and employers. We will raise awareness of the importance of our #FertilityInTheWorkplace initiative, encouraging employers to provide a supportive work environment and employees to know their rights. As part of the day we will share research findings and hear from employers why #FertilityInTheWorkplace matters.


Fertility Week: changing perceptions, providing support and raising funds.