Tuesday 29 October #FertilityInTheWorkplace

Most people going through fertility treatment are of working age. It’s important to both know your rights as an employee, and how to provide a supportive work environment as an employer. For our #FertilityInTheWorkplace day we will share research findings in collaboration with Middlesex University, Experiences and psychological distress of fertility treatment and employment.*

The key to #FertilityInTheWorkplace really is flexibility and understanding. Don’t forget to check our social media on this day, where we show how proposing a supportive workplace can be made into a reality and make a real difference to employees going through fertility treatment.

The experiences and psychological distress of fertility treatment and employment

The use of fertility treatment is increasing, yet despite the fact that the majority of men and women of child-bearing age are employed, there are no statutory entitlements to absence or flexible working during the long, physically and psychologically demanding process of treatment. Policy focuses on supporting expectant and existing parents, and although some organisations have workplace policy relating to fertility treatment, this is not normative and policies vary greatly.

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Heartbreak, hormones and hope – Fertility in the workplace

Earlier this year, I joined forces with Fertility Network UK for their Fertility in the Workplace initiative; a campaign aiming to support both employees and employers whilst individuals are working and undergoing fertility treatments. During Fertility Awareness Week, FNUK are once again highlighting the utter importance of creating fair and compassionate employment practices for anyone undergoing fertility treatments. Using my voice, alongside quotes from those currently juggling work and IVF, here’s why a fertility in the workplace policy is imperative.

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Becky’s Story

With the majority of those experiencing fertility struggles being actively employed, how is there so much silence about these issues within the workplace? I’m exploring what can be done to change this, drawing on my experiences from both sides of the fence…

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Claire’s Story

The HFEA reports that 1 in 6 couple are affected by fertility issues. This isn’t a negligible figure by any stretch of the imagination. It affects everyone regardless of how much money you have, how popular and beautiful you are, which country you live in or what social circles you move in. It has no boundaries.

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