Male Infertility by Chana – The Fertility Network 

Chana, the leading fertility support organisation for the Jewish community in the UK, is pleased to be breaking down taboos about male infertility as well as infertility in general, working with Jewish couples across a wide range of religiosity, to help them to realise their dream of having a baby. 

“Over the last 27 years Chana have been privileged to help over 800 babies be born to clients,” says Honorary Executive Director Carolyn Cohen. “Our unique combination of science, medical and emotional support, given by our Medical Advisory Panel of fertility specialists together with our team of therapists, means we are able to determine the best possible course of treatment for couples.”   

Chana has a first-hand insight into how couples struggling with infertility can feel isolated and alone. On top of this, the fact infertility is largely perceived as a female issue, means men are often dealing with isolation upon isolation, keeping their feelings hidden as they try to stay strong.  Continue reading “”