Our journey has been hard.

Our journey has been hard. No one would ever choose to go through IVF, it’s tough mentally & physically, for both involved. It’s something you never dream of having to go through, your body should be able to do this naturally right?! But unfortunately this isn’t so for 1 in 8 couples.

I’ve heard stories of people on this same road whose relationships haven’t survived. It gets in the way, it blurs your view on the world when the need to have a child is so all consuming. We’re very fortunate that we have been through this together, we have given each other strength, picked each other up & laughed & cried our way through it all. We have come out the other side stronger than we’ve ever been!

To anyone battling infertilty; do not blame yourselves, do not beat yourselves up. You are allowed to be upset, angry & bitter, to have a lump in your throat when you see newborns or want to shout at a mother in the street for smoking over her pushchair. You are allowed to be human. As long as you pick yourself up & continue on the road to your destination. Ask for support, do not try to go it alone. The best decision I made was to share our story, to be open, not only for myself but to raise awareness so others know that they’re not alone!