Talking about fertility is key to raising awareness of fertility issues, breaking down taboos and shattering myths . That’s why #TalkFertility is at the heart of National Fertility Awareness Week 2017. We want to get people talking about the real facts about fertility – and not the myths and misconceptions.

On this page, you will find links to real life #TalkFertility stories, plus our #HiddenFaces videos which reveal what it’s actually like to face fertility problems. If you’d like to contribute your own #TalkFertility story, email media@fertilitynetworkuk.org

#TalkFertility –

Infertility – A Journey Nobody Expects by Gareth Brown

Life as a father has been amazing. My kids make me laugh and love like I’ve never before. Although it wasn’t an easy ride for my wife and I in conceiving. READ FULL STORY

Did you know:

Female fertility is falling from age 28 or earlier; at age 35 it declines rapidly – that is why fertility clinics do not accept egg donation from women over the age of 35. Download our #5AgesofFemaleFertility infographic to find out more.

Did you know:

Most women having IVF started trying for a baby in their early 30s; fertility data shows women having IVF in the UK were on average 35 years old and had been trying to conceive for 4 years. It is a media myth that IVF is for women who have left it too late. Download and share the infographics and change perceptions.


Help to shatter fertility misconceptions: download our #YourFutureFertility leaflet, and share the #FertilityMyths and #5AgesofFemaleFertility infographics.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say to a loved one experiencing the heartbreak and emotional fragility of infertility. Being aware of ‘fertility etiquette’ can help. Soon you will be able to download our #TalkFertility guide for family and friends on what to say, what not to say and how best to provide  support. 

Watch our videos

#HiddenFaces: revealing the real faces behind fertility struggles

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Impossible promises

One go

Recurring Miscarriage – Kate’s Story

Born to be a mother

The grief of childlessness

Without a womb

Donor Eggs

A final word

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