Men are half of the fertility equation, yet far too often their voices are not heard.  Our online survey with Dr Esmee Hanna at Leeds Beckett University is a chance for that to change; please do spare a minute to add your views.

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We hope it will result in men being able to access the fertility support and advice they need in the most appropriate way for them; look out for the results during National Fertility Awareness Week.

Did you know:

Fertility problems are as likely to be male in origin as they are female in origin. It is a myth that fertility is a female problem: about one-third of cases of infertility are related to male factor problems, one-third to feamale factor problems and the remaining one-third is a mixture of 10 oer cent combination factors and 20 per cent unexplained infertility.

Did you know:

Men have a biological clock. Although male fertility is less affected by age than female fertility, it shows significant decline by the late 30s. Research shows men aged 40 and older were half as likely to get their partners pregnant as men under 25. Miscarriage rates increase when men are over 40. Two areas in England do not allow access to NHS IVF if men are over 40: Mansfield and Ashfield clinical commissioning group (CCG) and Newark and Sherwood CCG.

#FertilityFellas our information leaflet for men and by men will soon be available to download here.

Fertility Support for Men – Gareth’s Story

When Gareth was told he had no sperm at the age of 20, he and his wife Nat embarked on their long journey in search of a family. Throughout their 8 year struggle Gareth had nowhere to turn for support so decided to start his own group solely for men to talk about fertility issues.

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National Fertility Awareness Week: providing support, improving awareness, raising funds and changing perceptions