Hewitt Fertility Staff Epic Cycle


To mark the beginning of The Hewitt Fertility centre’s support for National Fertility Awareness Week, a group of staff decided to do something a little special to honour the occasion. Mark Hargreaves, Paul Mallanaphy, Pauline Green and Lee Jones set out from Liverpool Women’s Hospital with the aim of completing a 100 mile round trip to Kershaw’s Clinic in Oldham – the site of the first IVF treatment 40 years ago – and back again.
After 100 miles, three flat tyres and some questionable navigating, the team arrived back at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital after almost 10 hours of cycling.

On the coldest morning of the year so far the team gathered at the hospital at 7:00am and set off soon after. Reaching Kershaw’s clinic in Oldham, the home of the first ever successful IVF treatment, around midday the team took a short break, a couple of quick snaps, a chat with the staff and set back off home again. Racing against the setting sun – the clocks going back a week previous had meant time was of the essence – the team battled the icy cold and a succession of flat tyres before arriving back to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital in time for dinner and a much deserved hot bath.

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