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Huge thanks to Natalie Gamble Associates & brilliants Beginnings who are talking to companies about Fertility – and donating to NFAW.


#LetsTalkAboutInfertility    30th Oct – 5th Nov 17

In line with NFAW, Fertility Coach and IVF survivor Sarah Banks is running a free online event that will provide information and advice on struggling with infertility and going through treatment, which will help you feel more positive about your journey and increase the level of support for you.

It is so important to raise awareness about the emotional impact of infertility and she wants to make sure you are supported as much as possible. She found her infertility and IVF journey extremely difficult, with very little support, so she created a group that was a safe place where members know they will be supported.

The event is being held in her Facebook group ‘Surviving Infertility’, so you will need to join the group to be involved in the event.

This event will be full of lots of things that will help you with the day-to-day struggle of infertility and fertility treatment:

  • Industry experts answering frequently asked questions.
  • Real life stories with advice on what helped them get through it.
  • Daily activities to help you feel more positive and less anxious.
  • Blogs with advice and tips to get through the different challenges of this journey.
  • An online group chat so you can get to know each other and get face to face support.
  • Free guides and workbooks to help you feel more positive.
  • Group discussion and peer support.

If you are not already a member of her free Facebook group ‘Surviving Infertility’ you are more than welcome to join for continuous support, advice and love. Just click to join, she’d love to see you in there.

Selection of Donor Sperm

Online group via Skype

The next online chat via Skype will take place on Tuesday 31st October at 7pm. The topic will be ‘Selection of Donor Sperm’ and our guest speaker is Jill Martin from the London Sperm Bank. Jill will discuss the selection process, the screening process and the successful choice of donor sperm followed by a Q&A session.

The session will last for approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

To join the call please email your Skype username to

Gillian’s story #100FertilityFaces

Gillian is an FNUK support volunteer, and she is organising a fertility open evening at her local complementary therapy clinic to raise funds and awareness on November 1st.

This is Gillian’s story …

Seven years ago, I never gave my fertility a second thought, until my husband and I started trying for a baby.  I came off the pill… months went by, no period and no BFP (that’s “big fat positive” in fertility land!)…

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Little Princes Jewellery


Rachel is raising money to support NFAW by selling these gorgeous Handmade necklaces, designed especially for little girls. It’s called the Princess range. Rachel will be donating money for every necklace sold.

Perhaps a perfect xmas gift?

Go to her website HERE

Deborah’s FNUK Sponsored Poemathon

Deborah is writing a poem a day for NFAW 30 Oct-5 Nov for Fertility Network UK because FNUK supports during the despair of infertility.

Here’s why…

One day 15 years ago, during our final cycle of fertility treatment, I felt desperate. What if this failed? How could I go on? Somewhere I had seen information about Fertility Network UK and their helpline and I called. To have someone just listen, to tell me I wasn’t being stupid/overreacting/feeling sad for no reason was such a relief. To know I wasn’t alone. To be told I could call again – as often as I wanted – helped me get through a very dark time.

We emerged from 5 years of treatment without a child but FNUK have always been there. I have a wonderful, fulfilled life even though we don’t have the children we hoped for. Now I volunteer for FNUK – and they look after their volunteers as well as they do their members.

Thank you for donating. I am so grateful.


CEO, Susan Seenan’s NFAW Challenge!

During NFAW Susan will be donating £10 for each new challenge she can complete. Susan has said she will be including ‘4 new elevate classes, an evolve cycling challenge, new relaunched body combat, swim one mile (can’t do any more than that!), run 5k (ha!), clean off my bike and start cycling again and then Pilates’

Good Luck Susan !!