#IVFis40 memories



Ivf means everything to me, without it I wouldn’t have my miracles !! Never give up ladies xxx



Just starting my journey x

Stress, heartbreak, hope

Pain, with or without gain.

IVF was the worst thing I have ever put my family through for absolutely nothing but heartbreak

  So glad we just kept going, 3 rounds and we were only given a 10% chance. Due in February x


       My ivf miracles! 4 attempts to get these 2! X 

7 years ttc 1 icsi and 2 fet then got hit with incompetent cervix and lost her at 21+5 weeks its put me off going through treatment again

IVF failure for me I’m afraid 😞

We had a ivf success 6yrs ago and a failure 3 years again 😢😢

     First day at school a few weeks ago! My miracle 🙏🏻

These two. And the fabulous friends I now have in Nina & Emma O because I am their Mummy.





   It means a life to me. My wee miracle is my life.

24 wks and counting 😍 took us 8 years but hes worth the wait 💙😀

My husband and I started trying for a baby when I turned 30 in April 2009, and we found out in 2011 that he has oligospermia. He had to have two sperm retrieval operations before we could start treatment at Bourn Hall in Colchester in June 2012. The first two cycles failed, so we were advised to use donor sperm for the third round. In the end, we used half and half, and had to decide on embryo transfer day which to put in! We chose my husband’s, and were absolutely over the moon when it worked.

Our son Arian is now nearly three and a half; he is bonkers, brilliant and beautiful (of course he has his cheeky side, too!). We just don’t know how we got to be so lucky and are eternally grateful to the NHS for helping us become a family. READ THE BLOG

Ive done a whopping 9 cycles. 3 of those resulted in no embryo transfer. Of the other 6, 3 worked. Im INCREDIBLY lucky to have such good numbers. Sadly, only 1 pregnancy made it to term. The other 2 were lost at 21 weeks. READ THE BLOG




First IVF ICSI cycle after ttc for a decade, our angel because she died during a very early labour due to suffering a huge placental abruption. No explanation was ever found, she was perfect, looked just like her daddy, no issues with me either.

So does IVF work, yes. Do all our miracles come home, no.

What still amazes me is for as much as advances in science has been made, there is still so much we do not know about the start of our lives

I am not sure i could ever fully explain fully what it means to me, but i will give it a go! READ THE BLOG 

We had been trying for 6 yrs before we had ivf with icsi, thankfully we where blessed first time and our daughter is now 5, we where young, I’m now 31 and hubby is 33 so still young but egg quality wasn’t great and hubby had a low sperm count so we are so thankful everyday for having our wee woman.

    IVF gave me my miracle baby and made my life worth living.

“IVF ruined my life, my marriage, I’m over the fact I’ll never have children but I’m still angry, resentful and bitter… every day I wonder what if… why me??? I’ve suffered autoimmune problems ever since I started on the drugs and I still suffer. I’m happy for all those it worked for but it was a killer for me… took them 2 years to get me on the right regime.

No one ever talks about when it doesn’t work. I just wish more people would understand the lasting effects and pain infertility causes… it’s wonderful for those it works for… but who actually cares about the ones it doesn’t work for… my life has never worked as I planned it. I wanted children; I didn’t plan to work, but to be there as my mum was… I wanted to do so many things… all I got left with is debts… pain, autoimmune diseases, constantly working through my pain and allergies… a marriage that doesn’t work, bitterness, anger, resentment… it hurts everyday!”


My first ivf did not work. It was a crappy end to months of injections, scans, tears and pain.

My second (and final NHS ivf)  worked and it gave me my wee boy – Ben.  Ben is now 2.

It still blows my mind that he spent his first 5 days in a laboratory after literally being made by a lovely embryologist called Laura.



“IVF gave us everything we wanted, answered our prayers and filled the huge gap in our lives. We could only afford one cycle so gave it a go and gave birth to our beautiful little boy in July 2014 “

“IVF changed my life. It didn’t work for us; in fact it left me with a myriad of health problems. But it confirmed what we thought in the first place: adoption was right for us and we were right for 2 wonderful (challenging!) children. Adoption is far from the easy route and it’s not right for all but so far despite the very difficult times has been right for us.”

“Without IVF I wouldn’t have my family that I longed for, for 11 years.”

“Thank you IVF, I got my little miracle girls.”

“IVF gave me my world.”

“IVF/ICSI gave me my beautiful little boy who I waited 5 long years for”


“IVF changed my life, but not in the way I expected it to. It didn’t bring me my children (they turned up years later) but it changed everything and led me to other things. I even wrote a book about it. I have PCOS so after trying for a baby unsuccessfully for well over a year we were referred to see the infertility specialist at the local hospital. During this year of tests we discovered that my husband had a low sperm count, so our only way forward was IVF treatment. There was no point in trying Clomid or IUI with issues on both sides. The only things standing in our way were weight loss and the waiting list. I had almost 100 lbs to lose and the waiting list was going to be about 18 months. I dedicated myself to losing weight – and for the first time in my life (I was late 20s at the time) I successfully managed to lose weight and within a year I had achieved the necessary weight loss to qualify us for treatment. This felt like the first miracle. If it weren’t for our need of IVF treatment I am certain I would never have lost the weight – having PCOS meant that I had always struggled to lose weight in the past.

Soon the time arrived for us to have our first IVF treatment cycle. We had two embryos transferred and I became pregnant only to miscarry at five weeks. Our second and final (two cycles were funded in Wales at the time) treatment cycle was unsuccessful, none of the retrieved eggs fertilised. These two experiences were utterly heart breaking and immensely difficult. But I used that pain to push forward and began running. The following year I raised thousands for various charities and ran two marathons and several half marathons – a very big deal for me – as a previously morbid obese person I’d never thought I would be able to run two miles, never mind 26.2 miles! It was a positive way to move on. After our dream of having our own child ended along with IVF, I learned so much about myself, and in the process of preparing for treatment and the aftermath of it being unsuccessful, I achieved things I never thought possible.

When we closed the door on treatment and put ideas about adoption on hold, after seven years of infertility, we achieved a surprise pregnancy completely out of the blue. Our miracle daughter was born at the end of 2015. Nine months after her birth I fell pregnant again, and our son was born in June 2017, yet another miracle.

While IVF treatment didn’t bring our children to us, I will always be grateful for the experience because it truly changed my life in ways I never expected.

In between the birth of my daughter and son I wrote a book about my experience of infertility, which was published in June 2017, called Little Something: From Infertility & IVF to Marathons & Motherhood. Again, this is something I would never have achieved if it hadn’t been for my experience of IVF treatment. Sometimes life takes you to places you could never have predicted, but on reflection you see the journey made sense all along. ”



” IVF fulfilled our family’s dreams”


I guess our story begins in November 2012 when we got married.  We had been together three and a half years at this point, but I was very particular that we shouldn’t have a baby before we got married – how stupid that seems now.  My husband and I 
were late meeting in life, when we got married I was nearly 34 and he was 37, at the time that didn’t seem to matter but of course it has played its part in our fertility problems.  READ THE FULL STORY