Andreia Trigo supporting NFAW

My name is Andreia Trigo (RN BSc MSc) and I was diagnosed with infertility at the age of 17. This challenge made me question my identity, my self-worth, my self-image, my role in a relationship, in family and in society.  Using logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, I was able to find peace and live a happy, fulfilling life. It has been my life mission ever since to help other people achieve the same. 

This book is part of that mission. It combines my personal experience and my work experience as a fertility coach and nurse specialist, so others who are facing fertility and involuntary childlessness challenges can:

  • Cope with the losses of infertility
  • Create a new fertility plan
  • Increase their chances of success in achieving that plan.

These strategies will help you find balance, peace, joy and strength to rise above inevitable suffering and live a meaningful, purposeful life regardless of circumstances.”

I have just set up the Just Giving page linked to NFAW:
For every £12 donation to Fertility Network UK through this page, I will send a copy of my recently published book.